ConfiForms - Data Forms & Workflows
Create awesome forms for Confluence with ConfiForms.
Building and designing advanced data collecting apps with workflows is easy and fast.
For as low as $100 for 10 users on Server or just $10 a month for 10 users on Cloud (going as low as $0.03 per user)

Awesome features of ConfiForms

ConfiForms is much more than a plugin

It is a platform, a foundation that helps you to maximize and fully open the potential of Atlassian Confluence

You can choose from 70+ custom field types

Connect and reuse the data from your databases and external services

Create dialog or embedded forms

Forms with own custom layout and design

Develop strict validation rules to fulfill your business requirements and needs

Set permissions and restrictions (per field, per record)

Your data - you control how and what to show

Full control over the stored data and audits

Multiple ways to show the data stored in ConfiForms - we have 10 built-in macros to choose from

  • - In a TABLE
  • - In a CARD
  • - As a CALENDAR
  • - As you like, in WYSIWYG mode - mixing Confluence macros with data from ConfiForms
  • - Full control over HTML

You can build different views for different user groups

You can sort, filter, aggregate and transform the data as you need

Enterprise ready - with full control

Build compatible and open - use ConfiForms with other apps (build charts, custom designs)

Export your data via XLS, XML, CSV, JSON.

Import, migration and recovery APIs

Setup truly amazing automations and workflows (create Jira issues & Confluence pages, send emails, communicate to your external systems & much more)

Well integrated with Confluence page permissions and security model

Open APIs

Best support - see what our customers have to say

Unleash the potential of Atlassian Confluence with ConfiForms app. Create and collect more structured and organized content.

ConfiForms is much more than just data forms! It is a platform that helps you to automate and organize your business processes in truly amazing ways.

Forms for voting, assets, feedback, inventory, surveys, bulletin boards, employee checklists, employee on-boarding and exit forms, shopping carts

  • Data is stored on your server. You have the data you own and fully control it.
  • You choose how and what to show - multiple and truly custom ways to show your data
  • 70+ field types to choose from, including Jira fields, database query backed fields and much much more
  • Full audit of changes when you need it.
  • Integrated with Confluence permissions model, fine grained access up to field level

Good for teams - Great for company

  • IT teams
  • HR teams
  • Legal and Compliance teams
  • Accounting
  • Support and Service Desk teams
  • CEO Office

We believe that ConfiForms can be used by any team in your company, as the functionality it provides is very versatile and feature rich!

Let us know how you use our app!

Use cases and scenarios

We have collected and classified a list of tutorials for ConfiForms app to help you solve various business process problems by automating your everyday job tasks

What to know about what is ConfiForms

The list of essentials you need to know about ConfiForms


The list of custom forms in Confluence you can create with ConfiForms

What different kind of forms for Confluence is possible to create with ConfiForms


Easily creating Jira issue in Confluence from ConfiForms forms at any moment

Starting with ConfiForms forms you can easily create Jira issue at any moment of your business process.


Feedback forms for Confluence with ConfiForms

Getting feedback is important. Setting up a form to capture user's feedback from ConfiForms is quick and easy


A custom announcement or notification for Confluence

Confluence is a fantastic tool for collaboration. Why not to extend it with custom announcements and send them to the specific user groups when you need it!?


Manage, organize and automate the creation of reusable contents easily with page templating forms

ConfiForms is not only about forms and capturing feedback. ConfiForms helps you to create structured and dynamic contents. Your pages are standardized and always up to date

Pages and templates

Import data from an external database into a database custom ConfiForms field in your Confluence

You have some important information data stored in database to share with Confluence users. Now it is possible to source the data for your fields in ConfiForms directly from your databases.

DB fields

Use your data from an Excel files or Jira issues directly from ConfiForms in your Confluence

Reduce your manual work in Excel sheets by using ConfiForms.

Web services

HR on-boarding and orientation forms for Confluence

Employee on-boarding and orientation is important. Why not to use a single tool for collaboration - Confluence and build-in easy to use process for on-boarding your new employees?

HR on-boarding and orientation

Quickly capturing employee votes on things that matter

We love to work at open companies and what can be better than making an impact. Creating voting forms with ConfiForms app is a breeze


Order in a couple of clicks with shopping cart form in Confluence with ConfiForms

Setup forms to enable ordering of software licenses for your employees or create quick pages to allow customers or users to shop goodies with your company logo in a couple of clicks using shopping cart build easily with ConfiForms

Shopping Cart

Challenges list forms with easy enrollment

You have a list of challenges which you would like to distribute between your colleagues - why not to ask everyone to pick a challenge they feel comfortable and help you where they can do best!?

Quick enroll and registrations

Our Pricing

Data Center

10 users 500 users

$3,000 / year

25 users 1000 users

$4,500 / year

100 users 3000 users

$6,500 / year

250 users 4000 users

$7,500 / year

More prices you can find on Atlassian Marketplace

What people say about us

"Confiform is one of the best macros with Confluence and it has helped automate lot of manual tasks for which we were using emails as primary medium of communication. Usage of confiform has reduced our email usage & improved collaboration with good savings in efforts and cost. Confiform support desk is also deserve appreciation. Their turn around time is really quick & is really helpful. Thanks for the help."

"An enormously versatile add-on with a fantastic support team We use this mainly for various types of pending lists. But also for budget process, for directories of protected special files, for registrations to internal presentations, etc. The support team always helps very quickly and very competently. I can only recommend this addon."

"This a Must-Have plugin, if you plan to use Confluence as an entrepreneur. Take my words for this. Before working with this terrific plugin, our Confluence pages are of chaos, everyone has problems enter content in an organized manner. With defined forms and fields, those things are resolved. Moreover, we can add more advanced integration with our external systems via javascript, API calls....And finally, supports from Alex Medved - plugin author is 10/10, he was able to replied all of my questions in a less 12 hours SLA. Superb customer support service."

"ConfiForms is by far our most used plugin and it has become an integral part of our Confluence. Any kind of form can be built: checklists, drill reports, SOCs, customer feedback, travel expenses - anything. ConfiForms also handles feeding data to external ressources (databases), database queries, summary reports (by e.g. month, quarter, year), complex form integration to build a complete project management system or what else is needed."

"This is the go to add-on for Confluence. It has too many options to list. A lot of which actually replace the need to purchase other add-ons. in a nutshell it allows Confluence pages to be presented as forms that you can add data to and also query and sort the data you have entered. The support is 1st class. Updates are made on an almost weekly basis. These are not just bug fixes but also new features. The company listen to your feedback and feature requests. Which is another good reason to give it a go."

"We've been using ConfiForms for a few years now and it has become a business-critical part of our operation. We use it in the typical fashion to expose forms to end-users for data entry, but in addition to that we use forms as a control panel for critical application integrations. Our users are able to initiate integrations between multiple systems through form submissions that enables automation previously not available to us. The ability to back form with either database or web service sources has put it at the top of the list when we start planning new solutions. The support from the developers (especially Alex) over the years has been excellent. They continue to expand the capabilities of the add-on and enhance the documentation with ever more examples."

"ConfiForms has grown to be an essential part of our Confluence instance. We have implemented forms in for almost every department in the company. We use it to request accounts, equipment, document maintenance on vehicles, nominate employees for recognition, track our printers... and on and on. The support we receive is almost instantaneous! I can't say enough good things about this product. Thanks for making my life easier!"

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